Special Projects

We like to engage in special projects with the NGOs that are on our strategic list. We do one or two of these each year. Here are the properties we look for in such a project:

  • It must fit our basic mission statement.
  • It must have the have the potential of creating improvements — in one or more of our mission areas — that are both long-term and scalable.
  • Likely funding amounts are in the range $10,000 to $30,000, and occasionally $50,000.
  • We strongly prefer projects in which we provide all the funding, or all the starter funding, or at least all the funding for an identifiable piece of the project.
  • We like to fund projects that would not occur, or would not occur so early, without our funding.

We’re not the Gates Foundation, and this is a rather demanding list of desired project properties for a small outfit like us. However, our NGO partners have been very good at providing us project possibilities that satisfy all of these requirements. These tend to be pilot projects, and we’ve been privileged to start several threads of work that have expanded considerably as a result of their initial success, and are now attracting the notice of the big hitters. That’s a very satisfying outcome.

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