Habitat for Humanity (Zambia)

In 2009 (and again in 2010 and 2011), we made grants to Habitat for Humanity in the Denver, Colorado area, but we also provided funding for the construction of two houses in Zambia in each of those years.

These six houses are part of a special Habitat project called the Vulnerable Group Housing Project. The families involved typically include orphans or otherwise vulnerable children. Our particular families consist of grandmothers and their grandchildren living together after the deaths of the children’s parents. Often, but not always, this occurs because of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

In an area in which income is low anyway, families like these can easily find themselves homeless, or at least in unhealthy and unsafe housing. We like the Habitat for Humanity model for helping with this sort of situation, with its use of low-cost, safe housing designed to make effective use of locally-produced construction materials, largely volunteer labor, and a “sweat equity” contribution by the family.

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