Milagro Water Project, El Salvador (2009)

The first special project we funded was the Project Milagro Water Supply, a project by Engineers Without Borders to provide a clean, reliable water supply to three communities in El Salvador. We provided essentially all the funding for the 2009 portion of this EWB effort, which involved construction of the El Rosario community water storage tank.

Here’s an introduction to the project. And here’s more detail about the project. The work was carried out by a team from the Orange County (CA) Professionals Chapter of EWB, as well as a group of local workers. Here’s a description of training done by the EWB chapter. And here are some photos taken in the community during EWB’s local preparations for the work.

Severe storms impeded the preparatory effort by local workers and EWB’s partner in the larger project, ENLACE. Mudslides killed six in the area, many local bridges were destroyed, and one of the workers on this project was seriously injured and required a helicopter medivac. Folks persevered, though, and things were ready for the EWB crew to come in for the tank construction. Here’s a near-final report from EWB on the effort.

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